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Top 5 Essential Men’s Fashion Add-ons for the Summer of 2021

When the summer seasons rolls in with its generous warmth, staying cool while looking effortlessly fashionable should still be on your agenda. Here’s a curated selection of the top summer essentials every man should consider for his seasonal wardrobe.

Ray-Ban Aviator Total Black Sunglasses

The quintessential summer accessory, a pair of sunglasses, is a must. My top pick, the Aviator Total Black from Ray-Ban, conveys timeless charm that matches perfectly with anything from leather jackets to linen shirts.

Find them on Ray-ban’s website.

Christys’ Down Brim Panama Hat, White

The Panama hat from Christys’ is a piece of classic elegance. Woven from toquilla palm in Ecuador and formed in Oxfordshire, it is adorned with a contrast ribbon for a dash of color – an ensemble staple for the sunny days.

Get your Christys’ Panama Hat here.

Black Hoss Watch by Thümm & Co

A versatile timepiece can elevate the simplest of looks. The Black Hoss from Thümm & Co, with its enamelled dial, leather strap, and ceramic bezel, is the affordable luxury choice for sophisticated timekeeping this season.

Purchase Thümm & Co’s Black Hoss watch.

Ambush Feather Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver

Incepted by Yoon Ahn and her spouse, renowned hip-hop artist Verbal, AMBUSH began as a bold jewellery endeavour and evolved into a streetwear pioneer. Their sterling silver feather necklace, with its gold-toned finish, adds a subtle yet impactful touch to any weekend setup.

Score the Ambush Feather Necklace.

Aurelian Leather Belt in Brown Grain

This soft-grained leather belt, with its interchangeable buckle, offers unparalleled versatility. It’s the finishing touch to both casual and polished outfits, ready to accompany you from summer events to casual daily wear.

Shop the Aurelian Leather Belt now.

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