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Chatting with Aniko: A Glimpse into the Artistic Soul

Emerging from the scenic landscapes of Lithuania, Aušrinė Daugėlaitė, better known as Aniko, captures the hearts of over 130,000 followers on Instagram and through her personal website. Her artistic expression, deeply rooted in spiritual themes and the vibrancy of autumn hues, draws observers into a world of eclectic symbolism and inner strength. Aniko’s vision extends beyond mere aesthetics, embracing a journey towards the genuine self and radiating pure love and elation through every stroke and shade.

Aniko, who once aspired to etch her creativity into skin as a tattoo artist, now dedicates her talent to visual arts, frequently digital, available for admirers to purchase in original or reproduction formats. Her work, often a synthesis of striking imagery and thought-provoking words, depicts ethereal figures intertwined with natural and cosmic elements.

Hello, Aušrinė! How have you been feeling lately, and where is life currently taking place for you?

The chill of winter has never been to my liking, but as spring awakens, so does my spirit and optimism. My current abode is Druskininkai, a place I cherish deeply.

Your roots are in Lithuania. Can you share more about your hometown and its influence on you?

The town of Ignalina is where my story begins, and it holds an irreplaceable spot in my heart. Its breathtaking lakes and pine forests are the settings of my most treasured memories, and I always return there with eagerness and joy.

Your pieces are imbued with a serene palette and an air of mysticism. Do myths or nature from the Baltic region inspire your art, or does inspiration come from elsewhere?

While Baltic folklore doesn’t guide my muse, the untouched wild of the Baltics certainly does. I pair that with spiritual wisdom to infuse my canvases with the essence of eternal love and sheer joy.

Your Instagram bio labels your work as “soul art”. How pivotal is spirituality in your life?

Indeed, spirituality is the cornerstone of my existence. In a modern world obsessed with superficiality, my art seeks to transcend the ordinary, reminding us all of our profound connections with the living universe.

Does religion hold a place in your personal beliefs?

I stand afar from strict religious doctrines, yet I recognize the pearls of wisdom each one carries, though none can wholly encapsulate the complexities of existence.

A unique artwork by Aniko blending the contemporary with the timeless.
Credit: Aniko

Your “No amount of guilt can change the past” print resonates with many. How do you intertwine your art with such meaningful text?

The phrases that accompany my art echo lessons I’ve learned and thoughts that clamor for release as I draw. There’s a natural fluidity in their creation, with each piece unfolding uniquely.

The enchantment of femininity is central to your creations. What does this concept hold for you?

Femininity, with its centuries-long allure for artists, possesses a multifaceted beauty and power that captivates me. It’s the ultimate expression of self, filled with wonder and grace.

Artwork by Aniko depicting the grace and strength of femininity.
Credit: Aniko

In “She cared for flowers”, there’s a tender reminder of our bond with nature. Do you aim to influence environmental consciousness through your art?

My creations often reflect a subtle call to remember our place within the natural world—reciprocal caretakers of a planet that shelters and nourishes us all.

Many of your characterful subjects possess a third eye. What does this symbolize for you?

“We have two eyes to look, and one to see.” The mystic eye I often depict represents insights beyond superficial reality, seeking deeper truths.

Your artwork exudes confidence. Is your creative confidence a reflection of your personal growth and influences?

Thank you for noticing the strength in my work. It mirrors the courage I find around me and the journey of self-discovery I continue to navigate in life and through my art.

Among the art and body ink designs you’ve conceived, do you have a standout favorite?

All my tattoos hold dear to me, but the mandala with Baltic motifs inked across my throat beams brightest as it symbolizes the essence of my heritage.

Lastly, could you share with us a location that holds your heart?

The pine sanctuary of Ignalina is my soul refuge. No matter the distance ventured, the serenity of familiar woodlands calls me home.

It’s been a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you for sharing your time.

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