Home Literature “Explore Six Hidden Gems of Australian Literature”

“Explore Six Hidden Gems of Australian Literature”

“Explore Six Hidden Gems of Australian Literature”

While many renowned literary pieces hail from British and American stalwarts, Australia holds its own trove of literary brilliance, with gifted writers who haven’t quite made it to the global stage. These six novels, hailing from a miscellany of genres, serve as a testament to the impressive literary scene Down Under.

The Yellow House by Emily O’Grady

This prize-winning debut narrative, penned by Brisbane’s own Emily O’Grady, surfaced in 2018, meriting the acclaimed Vogel Prize. Through the eyes of Cub, a young girl, we behold her life alongside her twin brother and family, shadowed by their grandfather’s grim legacy as a convicted serial killer—a past the family must confront when relatives move nearby.

Breath by Tim Winton

From Western Australia’s Perth, Tim Winton has crafted a literary portfolio brimming with novels, short stories, and children’s books. His book Breath takes us into a world dominated by the surf. Published in 2008 and later visualized on the silver screen, it reflects an adolescent’s memories—intense, oceanic, and fraught with the promise of legend, only to crash upon the revelation of untold histories.

The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood

Securing the Stella Prize in 2016, Charlotte Wood transports us to an outback facility—a prison-like existence for a group of women bound by a scandalous secret. As the stories of their captivity unfold, Wood unravels themes of subjugation and resilience.

Talking To My Country by Stan Grant

Stan Grant, an indigenous personality in Australian media, in 2016 penned this evocative memoir after an article about the mistreatment of an Aboriginal athlete stirred public discourse. Offering a profound exploration of identity and race, Grant’s work extends an invitation to broader cultural dialogues.

The Arrival by Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan’s masterpiece, a graphic novel from 2006, spins the yarn of an immigrant’s surreal journey to a better life. The story resonates with all ages, with unspoken tales unfurling through captivating artwork and imaginary creatures that leap off the page.

The Book of Days by K.A. Barker

In a fantastical twist for young adult readers, this 2014 adventure follows Tuesday, a girl awakening with no memories, in a world where forgetting is a deliberate choice. As she traverses a realm of sky ships and floating cities, danger and discovery intertwine, leading her to her fate and the enigmatic Book of Days.


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