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Unforgettable Melodies from HBO’s Euphoria: A Comprehensive Playlist

The HBO series Euphoria isn’t just recognized for its bold narrative and visually arresting scenes—it’s also lauded for its outstanding soundtrack, which has come to be as signature to the show as its glitter-drenched makeup and vibrant costumes.

The narrative of Euphoria follows Rue Bennett (Zendaya), a high schooler battling substance abuse after her father’s passing. Amidst her tumultuous life, she finds solace with her mother Leslie (Nika King), sister Gia (Storm Reid), and local drug supplier Fez (Angus Cloud). The show vividly depicts Rue’s struggles, especially as she grows apart from her childhood best friend Lexi (Maude Apatow) and navigates relationships with new and old friends. This includes the whirlwind that ensues when Jules (Hunter Schafer) arrives and the maelstrom of high school dynamics propelled by characters like Kat (Barbie Ferreira) and Maddy (Alexa Demie), along with the latter’s tumultuous romance with Nate (Jacob Elordi).

With the focus often switching between the ensemble cast but always circling back to Rue—our often unreliable guide through the series—audiences get to peek into each character’s psyche, sometimes through the lens of a character-specific anthem. Equally striking with its audio landscape, Euphoria‘s sound is enriched by the musical inventiveness of English musician Labrinth. Here’s a roundup of some memorable tracks from the first two seasons of Euphoria.

  1. All For Us – by Labrinth, featuring Zendaya
  2. All My Heroes (The Toxic Avenger Remix) – by Naeleck and Sarah Rebecca
  3. Champagne Coast – by Blood Orange
  4. Dirty Work – by Steely Dan
  5. Don’t Be Cruel – by Billy Swan
  6. Gangster – by Labrinth
  7. Formula – by Labrinth
  8. Haunted – by Laura Les
  9. Holding Out for a Hero – by Bonnie Tyler
  10. Hot – by The Last Artful, Dodgr
  11. How Long – by Tove Lo
  12. I’m Tired – by Labrinth, featuring Zendaya
  13. Jump Into The Fire – by Harry Nilsson
  14. Liability – by Lorde
  15. Me in 20 Years – by Moses Sumney
  16. Mount Everest – by Labrinth
  17. Nate Growing Up – by Labrinth
  18. Never Tear Us Apart – by INXS
  19. Right Down the Line – by Gerry Rafferty
  20. Run the Road – by Santigold
  21. seaside_demo – by SEB
  22. She Sells Sanctuary – by The Cult
  23. Snow Flake – by Jim Reeves
  24. Stand by Me – by Ben E. King
  25. Still Don’t Know My Name – by Labrinth
  26. Stuck In The Middle With You – by The Sometimes Island
  27. Vitamin C – by CAN
  28. Watercolor Eyes – by Lana Del Rey
  29. When I R.I.P. – by Labrinth
  30. Work – by Charlotte Day Wilson

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