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Top Memorable Lines from “The Hand of God” (2021)

Paolo Sorrentino’s Italian Netflix production, “The Hand of God,” is a film brimming with genuine emotion and existential musings, despite its characters’ tendency to engage in philosophical dialogue. Protagonist Fabietto (played by Filippo Scotti) finds himself surrounded by mystical occurrences that mirror his coming-of-age saga. With lofty aspirations, like immersing himself in philosophy and film, he faces the relatable struggle of transforming his visions into realities. He admits he has watched only a handful of movies, yet his fervent love for film thrives, and he acknowledges his vague grasp on philosophy. Fabietto’s portrayal strikes a chord with reality, amplified by his devotion to soccer icon Diego Maradona.

The day Maradona steps into Fabietto’s hometown of Naples is considered a destined event by the adolescent. His father (portrayed by Toni Servillo) indulges his son’s adulation by securing match tickets. While Fabietto is captivated by the game, an unthinkable tragedy unfolds back home, altering his future irrevocably. Yet, Maradona’s timing is ironically lifesaving. “The hand of god” takes on multiple meanings throughout the film, with each detail and emotion stemming from Sorrentino’s own history. The film, rather than descending into nostalgia, pulses with vibrancy and leaves a resounding impact. Here are some standout quotations from the critically acclaimed movie.

  1. “Since my family fell apart, I don’t enjoy life anymore. I’m longing for an imaginary existence, like the one before. I’ve grown to despise reality. It’s dreadful. That’s precisely why I’m driven to become a filmmaker, although my cinematic experience is minimal.”
  2. “You’re out of your mind.”
    “I’m not insane – I’m simply youthful. Aren’t you as well?”
  3. “Praise be to God!”
    “Save your praises. The tickets were my doing.”
  4. “It’s a rarity, witnessing someone deliver a kick in sandals.”
  5. “He’s a deity! [Maradona] scored using his fist. He delivered justice for the grand Argentinian populace, those victimized by vile oppressors in the Falklands. He’s sheer brilliance! It’s a defiant political move, a coup. He’s made them look foolish, you see?”
  6. “Maradona’s the reason I’m still here.”
  7. “Is it even possible that this city fails to inspire you whatsoever?”
  8. “Cinema acts as a reprieve from the dismal nature of reality.”
  9. “Care to mingle with us?”
    “Because your sort is good-for-nothing.”
    “What endearments is Signora Gentile bestowing upon us?”
    “She poetically professed her utmost esteem for us all.”
  10. “I prefer not to discuss sorrowful matters.”
    “Then there’s nothing left to converse about.”
  11. “It’s a tragic world we inhabit; you leave for ice cream, only to return to your spouse’s apprehension.”
  12. “It’s solitude you’re contending with. But reflect on the liberties you possess.”
  13. “Why not get a television with a remote like everyone else does?”
    “Nonsense; I uphold communism.”
  14. “Post-graduation plans?”
    “What does it entail?”
    “I’m somewhat uncertain.”
  15. “How come tears don’t grace your face? Shedding them is beneficial.”
    “Tears elude me.”
    “Fret not. It signifies that the moment isn’t ripe yet.”

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