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Top Memorable Lines from “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” Film

Adapted from Jesse Andrews’ heart-touching 2012 novel, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a bittersweet film that dives into the life of Greg (played by Thomas Mann), a high school student navigating the rocky terrains of adolescence with his friend Earl (RJ Cyler). When Greg’s mom encourages him to spend time with Rachel (Olivia Cooke), a peer facing leukemia, an awkward yet profound friendship unfolds. Together, Greg and Earl decide to craft a homemade film dedicated to Rachel, which strengthens the bonds between the trio.

Though initially veiled in humor, the film takes a turn as Rachel’s condition worsens, challenging the boys to address the seriousness of their friend’s illness with their creativity. Despite the hovering cloud of cancer, the interactions between the characters are laced with sharp wit and poignant moments, some of which have been immortalized in the film’s dialogue. Presented here are nine quotes from the film that resonate with audiences.

Greg: Honestly, I’m perpetually out of place and my face reminds me of a burrowing rodent. All I aim for in high school is to get through it unscathed, without infamy or eternal mortification.

Earl: To avoid talking to people, you could always pretend to be less than human. Take on the persona of someone irritating.
Rachel: ‘Hey Rachel, my heart goes out to you for having cancer.’
Greg: See, that’s exactly the kind of thing I want to avoid!

Rachel: Are you and Greg more like workmates?
Earl: Nope, just friends. He’s got a phobia of that word. Greg’s got some deep-seated stuff.
Rachel: Oh really? Tell me more.
Earl: I don’t have all the answers. Maybe it’s his home life. His mother keeps filling his head with how handsome he is, which, no offense, he isn’t. So he ends up distrusting anyone close to him. Then there’s his dad, his only buddy is the family feline. That’s his example of friendship. The point is, Greg’s petrified of calling someone a friend.

Greg: Summer. Isn’t that just a peculiar word? Means more of something called “summ,” doesn’t it? Winter’s the same–it’s basically more “won’t” happen, right?

Earl: You’re gonna scoop her up, take her out for ice cream. And I’m coming too because I can’t get enough of that stuff.

Greg: If I don’t end up hanging out with you, my life is going to become an utter nightmare courtesy of my mother. Her persistence has reached epic proportions. She’s like the all-star of annoyance. Yes, LeBron James is good at basketball.
Rachel: I’m quite aware of who LeBron James is, thanks.

Greg: Please, just bear with me. I know you’re probably bracing yourself for the worst with this incredible girl you’re fond of. But hang in there. She recovers. She gets better. That’s a promise.

Rachel: Dear Greg, I got to know about what went down with your schoolwork and with Pitt State. I took the liberty of penning them a letter on your behalf, convincing them to readmit you. There’s a copy enclosed. If they change their tune, maybe it means I can pull strings from the beyond. But you should definitely follow up with them too. Farewell, Greg. You’ve been an awesome friend. And if you pass up on college, well, that would make you an idiot, but that’s not news to you. With care, Rachel. P.S. I’d like you to inherit some of my pillows. They need a loving home. And no, not in the creepy way you’re thinking.

Rachel: Dear Pittsburgh State Admissions, I’m writing on the behalf of a person who devoted six months of his life to me during my toughest time. His self-esteem is subterranean, which is precisely why it’s important you get the perspective of someone who truly appreciates him: he’s endlessly thoughtful, endearing, supportive, and real.

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