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Today’s Notable New Music Releases: Exploring a Medley of Auditory Delights

Today marks the release of several eagerly anticipated music albums, offering a fresh auditory journey across genres. The following albums, ranging from indie rock to experimental sounds, arrive on June 16, 2023:

Sigur Rós, ÁTTA

Fans are delighted as Sigur Rós unveils their latest endeavor, ÁTTA, their first in ten years, available today in digital format. Physical releases will soon follow in September. The record’s ethereal tones are introduced by the lead single ‘Blóðberg,’ and the ensemble includes the collaborative brilliance of both the London Contemporary Orchestra and Brassgat í bala. Frontman Jónsi describes the album’s intent of achieving a sparse, light beauty. In his words, “We’re growing older and facing a world that is sometimes cruel; I found it essential that we imbue our music with emotion that can truly touch people.” Sveinsson emphasizes their desire to create music that mirrors the current world’s climate, capturing the drama and depth of the times.

Queens of the Stone Age, In Times New Roman…

The rock scene is revigorated with Queens of the Stone Age’s release of In Times New Roman…, their eighth studio album, delivered via Matador. Their newest sonic masterpiece since 2017’s Villains highlights tracks like ‘Emotion Sickness’, ‘Paper Machete’, and ‘Carnavoyeur’. Birthed from Homme’s Pink Duck studios and later mixed by Mark Rankin, it reflects the band’s trademark production finesse. Homme’s recent battle with cancer adds a poignant layer to this latest musical offering.

Killer Mike, Michael

Killer Mike drops MICHAEL, his solo return after a decade. Succeeding 2012’s R.A.P. Music, this project showcases a rich lineup including André 3000 and Future, revealing the artist’s full personal expression. Singles like ‘Run’ and ‘Don’t Let the Devil’ offered a glimpse into the craftwork of this piece, which bears the mark of both Mike and producer No I.D.’s genius. Reflecting on the album’s deeply personal content, Mike says, “This is my heart and soul in music form.”

Home Is Where, the whaler

Home Is Where presents their latest album, the whaler, a follow-up to 2021’s critically acclaimed I Became Birds. Issued by Wax Bodega, this ten-track anthology is encapsulated by the early releases ‘yes! yes! a thousand times yes!’ and ‘floral organs’. Band frontwoman MacDonald opens up about confronting mental health struggles through the creation process, saying the record allowed for a raw exploration of vulnerability.

Hand Habits, Sugar the Bruise

Hand Habits, the artistic vehicle for Meg Duffy, releases the introspective mini-album Sugar the Bruise. Released by Fat Possum, the work springs from a soul-searching songwriting class Duffy led, seeking a departure towards playful, unfiltered creation. The record’s pre-release tracks ‘Private Life’ and ‘Something Wrong’ tease the nuanced emotions woven throughout.

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