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Russia’s Fashion Epicenter Unveils a Health-Conscious Fashion Week

The prestigious Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is set to launch in a health-aware format on October 19th. With the ongoing health concerns in Moscow, event organizers are going above and beyond to ensure a minimization of health risks related to COVID-19 for the duration of the gala, which concludes on October 23rd.

Alexander Shumsky, President of the Russian Fashion Council and visionary behind Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, has emphasized the event’s commitment to public wellbeing: “Adopting a COVID-free strategy is vital for safeguarding all attendees and fostering a culture of conscientiousness in the fashion realm. We are continually refining our approach to sustainability and envision a clean, future-focused industry. In its third consecutive year, the Fashion Week continues to blend physical and digital experiences successfully. We’ve been proactive in implementing health guidelines and have maintained a virus-free environment backstage since the fall of 2020.”

Entry into MBFW Russia and its designer showcases is prerequisite upon displaying a valid QR code, which can be procured by:

  • Individuals who have been vaccinated with either two doses of a two-stage vaccine or one dose of a single-stage vaccine authorized in Russia.
  • Individuals with a history of COVID-19 infection within the last 6 months (180 days) as recorded in the official register.
  • Individuals with a recent PCR test negative result, effective for 72 hours post-issuance, carried out in Moscow labs linked to the United Medical Information and Analytical System of Moscow (EMIAS).
The required QR codes can be generated via the Gosuslugi platform, as well as the Gosuslugi and Gosuslugi STOP Coronavirus mobile applications. Residents of Moscow may also acquire their QR codes at For further guidance, please visit this link to access the official website of the Mayor of Moscow.

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