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Fantasia 2022’s Unmissable Film Lineup

The Fantasia International Film Festival is back with a bang on July 14, 2022! Our Culture will be on the scene as the Quebec-based spectacle returns for its 26th year with a variety of live, in-person events across the city. Packed with an impressive lineup of fresh genre films, classic screenings, and unique events, this year’s festival is not to be missed.

This edition highlights Korean Animation and Queer Genre Cinema, and will mark a decade since Kier-La Janisse’s seminal ‘House of Psychotic Women’ with lovingly restored retrospective screenings courtesy of Severin Films.

Last year’s coverage included a diverse selection, from Phil Tippett’s twisted ‘Mad God’ to Perry Blackshear’s poignant ‘When I Consume You,’ and the wild time travel escapade from Japan, ‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes.’

As the opening night draws closer, we’re eager to showcase the films we’re excited for, ranging from blockbusters to hidden indie horror gems and revamped classics.

‘Employee of the Month’ (Belgium, dir. Véronique Jadin)

‘Employee of the Month’ joins the Belgian contingent at Fantasia, adding to the global ‘corporate horror’ trend with films such as ‘Stalled’ and ‘Bloodsucking Bastards.’ It explores workplace horrors through a feminist lens, critiquing gender inequality and the persistence of corporate exploitation.

‘Employee of the Month’ will be screened on July 17 and 19.

‘The Harbinger’ (USA, dir. Andy Mitton)

Andy Mitton returns with ‘The Harbinger,’ a pandemic-themed horror that taps into the existential dread since 2020. The film’s menace employs ‘viral nightmares’ to prey on victims, rendering it a resonant and frightening addition to Fantasia.

‘The Harbinger’ will be shown on July 20 and 22.

‘Shin Ultraman’ (Japan, dir. Shinji Higuchi)

‘Shin Ultraman’ is set to follow in ‘Shin Godzilla’s’ footsteps, merging classic themes with fresh storytelling. With a heritage of positivity and strength, this installment in the Ultraman legacy promises a blend of nostalgia and contemporary resonance.

‘Shin Ultraman’ will be presented on July 21.

‘Space Monster Wangmagwi’ (South Korea, dir. Kwon Hyeok-jin)

A rare monster movie gem, ‘Space Monster Wangmagwi,’ emerges from the depths of South Korean cinema history. The screening is a unique opportunity for audiences to witness a film that has remained elusive outside its homeland.

‘Space Monster Wangmagwi’ will be showcased on July 23.

‘The Breach’ (Canada, dir. Rodrigo Gudiño)

Rodrigo Gudiño’s ‘The Breach’ brings a blend of horror, thriller, and sci-fi to this year’s festival. A decade after ‘Rosalind Leigh,’ fans eagerly await Gudiño’s mysterious new tale with great anticipation.

‘The Breach’ will be on screen July 25.

‘The Deadly Spawn’ (USA, dir. Douglas McKeown)

In a world premiere, ‘The Deadly Spawn’ returns in stunning 4K, promising the same unrefined yet passionately crafted monster movie charm. Prepared by Synapse Films, it’s a delight waiting for both newcomers and long-time fans.

‘The Deadly Spawn’ will play on July 29.

Writings by Christopher Stewardson and Craig Ian Mann.

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