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A Conversation with Artist Gloria Gorni

The Milanese painter Gloria Gorni, at the age of 22, has already begun to make waves in the art community. Having an architect for a mother, Gloria’s artistic inclinations were nurtured from her earliest days. Gloria’s artistic explorations were shaped by her time indoors during school breaks, as she took to drawing in hallways due to a severe allergy to bees. With a diploma from the esteemed Brera Academy of Fine Art under her belt, Gloria has crafted numerous album covers for musicians like Guardin, Muriel, Denis First & Reznikova, and Maneskin. Beyond album art, she’s undertaken creative endeavors for prominent corporations such as Mondadori, Tally Weijl, and Le Pandorine. Currently, she’s devoting her talent to large-scale mural projects and book illustration. Her engrossing body of work is showcased on her Instagram and Twitter profiles.

Hi Gloria, how are things with you these days? What’s your day been like?

Life’s pretty upbeat, thanks! I’m juggling a multitude of projects which admittedly brings its own stress, but the arrival of spring and the beautiful sunny days are soothing my spirits. The weather has been nothing short of delightful here.

You have deep roots in Milan, a city that breathes beauty and culture. Can you share the importance it holds in your life?

I’m technically a suburban resident, but I’m only a stone’s throw away from Milan’s vibrant heart – about a 20-minute car ride. So, I generally simplify things by saying I’m from Milan. It’s an incredible city that’s given me invaluable artistic growth opportunities and the chance to connect with some incredibly talented individuals. It’s offered me some incredible professional opportunities. Before the pandemic shook things up, I also showcased my work in several city galleries.

Is Milan also where your story began?

Well, Milan is where I came into the world, although my family has roots that spread across the beautiful Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna and Valtellina. Hence, my upbringing was a tapestry woven from wooded areas and the serene countryside.

Looking ahead, do you see Milan remaining your home base, or do your dreams take you elsewhere?

For now, Milan is home – my studio and my collaborative partner are both here. But I must confess, Berlin has captured my heart and imagination. After a revelatory visit a few years back, I’ve been drawn to its art scene that I feel aligns more closely with my artistic vision and could also potentially expand my professional horizons.

Let’s delve into the origins of your love for art and see how it’s blossomed over time.

Art became my dear friend from a tender age, possibly as an alternative to play. Being more introverted, art became a refuge and a powerful medium of expression. As I matured, it grew into my primary way of conveying emotions, functioning as both my passion and profession, and even acting as a form of self-therapy at times.

Credit: Gloria Gorni

Were formal art studies part of your artistic journey?

Indeed, I followed a path through high school specializing in the arts, and I’m on the verge of completing my academy studies. These educational experiences significantly broadened my horizons, imparting an invaluable lesson: find beauty in the seemingly mundane and create from that vision.

Are there specific artists who have significantly influenced your work in recent years?

Certainly, a few standouts have shaped my artistic identity, including Marco Mazzoni, Elly Smallwood, Agnes Cecile, and Lucas David.

Being quite young in the art world, with a considerable social media following, I grapple with the insecurity of criticism and negative feedback. Thankfully, my followers are exceptionally encouraging, embracing my ventures beyond the familiar. They value my authentic artistic voice, which alleviates any pressure to conform.

My choice of medium shifts with my emotions. I find solace in watercolors, delighting in the methodical and reflective nature of the process. On the other hand, oil pastels offer a freedom that resonates with my sometimes chaotic and exploratory phases.

I’ve embraced the digital canvas as part of my artistic repertoire, often blending digital elements with traditional techniques. While digital art offers precision and convenience, especially in space-constrained environments, it is the tactile experience of traditional art that remains closest to my heart.

Credit: Gloria Gorni

Elements like tears and nosebleeds began appearing in my work during teenage years, reflecting the inner turmoil through physical manifestations in my art. These features have become a signature part of my visual language, and I admit, I have a certain affinity for the raw beauty of blood.

The pandemic has only deepened my connection with my art, serving both as a sanctuary and outlet. Even on days when desolation overwhelms, creating art offers a semblance of solace and purpose.

Art’s significance has undoubtedly evolved with time. Once seen merely as craftsmen, artists are now heralded as creative spirits with the power to enkindle emotions, provoke thought, and breathe life into the mundane or the magnificent.

Credit: Gloria Gorni

Music is integral to my creative process, and my tastes are varied, straddling genres like alternative, indie, lo-fi, and hyperpop. It’s the ambient sounds of lo-fi that often serve as my creative backdrop.

The captions accompanying my art can either be the spark of inspiration or a finishing touch that encapsulates the artwork’s essence. Sometimes they’re the thread that ties everything together, making the piece whole.

It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, Gloria. Thank you.


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