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The Artistic Essence of Jaya Mansberger’s Creations

The Artistic Essence of Jaya Mansberger’s Creations

Artist Jaya Mansberger, shaped by her early years between the eclectic cultures of Nepal and the Hawaiian island of Kauai, went on to refine her craft at London’s Slade School of Fine Art. Evolving from intense, psychological portraiture to exploring the abstract, Jaya now imparts her knowledge to young artists in Oxford.

Jaya’s earliest art memory is etching the dome silhouette and vibrant banners of Kathmandu’s Swayambhunath Stupa at just five years old. Growing up by the Hawaiian coasts, she found a fascination in sketching mermaids, a theme she wishes to revisit. Her dedication was recognized early by a teacher who urged her to leap into art school at 18—a decision she cherishes to this day.

While her artwork is often a solace from global turmoil, the pandemic paused Jaya’s practice. Constrained to a narrowboat during the UK’s lockdowns, without studio access, her series of figurative oil paintings had to wait. Nevertheless, Jaya turned to illustrating the wildflowers along the canal in watercolor, finding joy and respite in nature’s canvas, far from the world’s woes.

Jaya draws inspiration from a wide emotional spectrum, encompassing intensity, sensuality, and the myriad of human psychological states. She strives to encapsulate beauty and the mysterious, giving life to immersive vistas and otherworldly ambiances. Discover her captivating work yourself!


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