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World’s Design Innovators Gather for Global Talents Digital Event

World’s Design Innovators Gather for Global Talents Digital Event

The Russian Fashion Council extends an open invitation to fashion creatives globally to participate in the international hybrid showcase, Global Talents Digital. This event’s third installment spotlights sustainable fashion practices. The council is looking for contributors in varied domains such as sustainable apparel, eco-conscious shoes and accessories, as well as champions of upcycling, ethical production, slow fashion movements, or advocates for a waste-free fashion industry.

Slated for a fusion of physical and digital presence, Global Talents Digital is gearing up for its upcoming session at the end of July. Submissions are being accepted until June 30, 2021, and interested parties can apply through https://globaltalents.digital.

In its previous iteration in September, Global Talents Digital garnered an impressive viewership with over seven million people tuning in. The event brought together 103 creatives from 34 different countries and regions, united by the common theme of sustainability. Showcasing designer collections, artist collaborations, virtual models, and partnerships with nonprofits and tech startups, the event reached audiences in over 1,519 cities worldwide.

Alexander Shumsky, the president of the Russian Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, reflects on the event: β€œThe Russian Fashion Council is proud to progress with this Moscow-based sustainable initiative, while preserving its global reach and impact. We call upon the sustainable fashion community β€” be they designers, artists, nonprofits, or influencers β€” to join us in this endeavor. Through Global Talents Digital, we aim not only to showcase sustainable solutions and address the challenges faced by the fashion industry but also to foster a global dialogue on mindful consumption and the potential for a broader application of sustainable principles. This initiative is not about criticism; it’s a platform for artistic expression, collaboration, and sharing ideas central to the future of eco-conscious living,” said Shumsky. Click here for further insights from Shumsky Alexander Shumsky’s perspective.


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