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Sneak Peek: Netflix’s Baby Fever Revealed

Sneak Peek: Netflix’s Baby Fever Revealed

The upcoming Netflix series Baby Fever paints a picture of Nana’s life turned upside down following a tipsy blunder. One impulsive act involving her former flame’s invaluable specimen leads her down a chaotic path filled with a rippling sequence of mishaps. As she finds herself expecting, Nana is faced with the daunting task of concealing her burgeoning secret while attempting to rekindle a fizzled romance with her ex-lover, who appears less than eager to re-enter the fray.

While juggling the undercover status of her unplanned pregnancy, Nana begins to view her clientele under a different light. Yet, the web of deceit she weaves intensifies with each passing day. Caught in a bind, she realizes the gravity of her situation; honesty is her only way out, despite the risk it poses to the life she’s built.

Baby Fever is set to make its debut on Netflix come June 8th.

Get a glimpse of the drama to unfold in Baby Fever by watching the newly released trailer below.


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