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Jolie Laide: Musical Duo’s Inaugural Record and New Single Release

Jolie Laide, the recently minted musical collaboration between Nina Nastasia and Jeff MacLeod (formerly of Florida BC and the Cape May), is set to release their first-ever album on November 17 through Oscar St. Records. The duo has also revealed their lead single, ‘Pacific Coast Highway,’ complete with an accompanying music video, which you can view right below this paragraph.

Nastasia shares her personal connection to the song’s theme, “Having been brought up around the soothing scenery of Southern California’s beaches, they were my sanctuary amidst disorder. There’s an overwhelming sense of happiness that envelops me whenever I am near the ocean. My childhood memories are dotted with countless journeys spent traversing the Pacific Coast Highway, initially with my mother, later with friends. The very essence of unfettered youth and its invigorating spirit of fearlessness resonate with that route for me. It’s a faded, yet exhilarating memory of times past.”

In regard to the video, the group muses over the elusive nature of home and the past. “Is it possible to reclaim that sense of home from our childhood, the place teeming with security and awe? Yet when you pursue that nostalgic yearning, what you discover is an altered landscape, marked by the ravages of time and space. The once familiar family gathering spot is now barely recognizable—overrun and diminished. Amid this submerged feeling, it poses a haunting question—should we cling to the sanctity of our recollections rather than confront their present altered state?”

Last year marked Nastasia’s return to the music scene with her album, Riderless Horse, after a twelve-year hiatus.

Jolie Laide Cover Artwork:

Jolie Laide Tracklist:

1. Pacific Coast Highway
2. Move Away Towns
3. Away Too Soon
4. Why I Drink
5. Death of Money
6. My Darling
7. God of Gamblers
8. Isolation View
9. Blue as Blue

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