Home Literature Seven Must-Read Young Adult & Children’s Stories That Deserve Their Own Screen Adaptations

Seven Must-Read Young Adult & Children’s Stories That Deserve Their Own Screen Adaptations

Seven Must-Read Young Adult & Children’s Stories That Deserve Their Own Screen Adaptations
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Secrets on the Shore by E. Lockhart

Touted for its intricately woven narrative, this thrilling book clinched several accolades including the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Young Adult Fiction in 2014. Narrated by Cadence Sinclair, the granddaughter of affluent Harris Sinclair, the plot unveils the layers of family secrets and class tensions that bubble beneath the surface of their seemingly idyllic island life.

As summer arrivals, Cadence, her cousins, and family friend Gat reunite, with a budding romance between Cadence and Gat facing disapproval from Harris. Dubbed ‘Summer Fifteen’, a shroud of forgetfulness masks the true events from Cadence, leading to a journey of discovery and unsettling alterations when she later revisits.

Whispers of Another World by Shaun Tan

This multi-dimensional graphic novel captures an immigrant’s journey to an imaginative world filled with peculiar creatures and dream-like landscapes. The pages teem with Shaun Tan’s vivid imagination and the narrative is ripe for a big-screen interpretation that could delight audiences of every age with its magical realism.

Captives Within by Michael Grant

In this gripping series, a small Californian town is enveloped by a mysterious dome, trapping children and teenagers who begin to manifest extraordinary powers. Inspired by themes similar to those in The Lord of the Flies, the story’s rich coming-of-age backdrop intertwined with social commentary is poised for an on-screen saga, something long requested by Grant’s fervent fan base.

Shadowhunters of Old London by Cassandra Clare

Set against the backdrop of the Gothic 19th century, this trilogy unveils the intriguing world of Victorian Shadowhunters. These demon fighters share ancestry with characters from the modern Mortal Instruments series. A tale of friendship, identity, and supernatural legacies, it is filled with adventure that demands to be lived out on screen.

Journey of Dreams by Morris Gleitzman

Envisioning a life beyond conflict, the protagonist dreams of playing soccer while navigating the treacherous path from war-torn Afghanistan to hopeful shores. This tale, delving into severe yet essential themes, can capture and inspire a wider audience when adapted for film, transmitting its powerful message of hope and resilience.

A Tale of Two Wills by David Levithan and John Green

In this introspective novel, the parallel lives of two young men named Will Grayson converge in a twist of fate, leading to a profound reflection on identity and relationships. The novel’s contemplative nature and relatable characters make it primed for a heartfelt screen adaptation that would resonate with a diverse viewership.

Game of Fears by Michael Grant

This stirring series follows Mara, an amnesiac grappling to decode her existence alongside the enigmatic Messenger of Fear, who challenges wrongdoers in a cryptic game of consequences. The episodic and philosophical nuances offer a template for a gripping screen series that could captivate and enlighten a substantial audience.


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