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Phillips Achieves Record-Breaking Design Auction Totals £11.7 Million

Phillips set a new benchmark with their latest 20th and 21st art and design auction by garnering a historic total of £11.7 million, the highest ever in the company’s record.

In an enthusiastic statement, Domenico Raimondo, the Head of Design for Europe and a Senior International Specialist, remarked, “Achieving a colossal £11.7 million in total sales has set a new record for a design auction at Phillips. This outstanding performance attests not only to London’s vibrant market but also to the dedication of our Design team. We were honored to present Jean Dunand’s ‘Les Palmiers,’ a remarkable French Art Deco piece, and we appreciate the avid interest from our clients, which led to a record-setting bid for Dunand’s creation. Presenting Katsu Hamanaka’s original daybed alongside ‘Les Palmiers’ not only brought immense professional satisfaction but also helped position the work in its rightful context, garnering immense collector interest. Our continued dominance in the Italian Design space was highlighted with Carlo Scarpa’s ‘Pair of vitrines’ fetching a world record price, alongside notable results for Gio Ponti’s unique armchairs. We take pride in critically assessing the design sphere, aiming to invigorate the market by introducing fresh talent and by continuously acknowledging the historical significance of design,” he expressed.

‘Les Palmiers’ by Jean Dunand fetched the highest bid at £3.3 million, making it the star of the auction. Additionally, pieces from the Oscar Majdalani family collection by Jean Royère brought in £2.3 Million.

New Auction Records

Lot Description Estimate Price Achieved
8 Duilio (Dubé) Barnabé, Unique dining table, 1950s £25,000 – 35,000 £63,000


*previous record price: €35,400 set in 2011
12 Carlo Scarpa, Pair of vitrines, designed 1957, executed circa 1963 £150,000 – 200,000 £352,800


*previous record price: £248,750 set in 2018
33 Jean Dunand, ‘Les Palmiers’ smoking room, from the residence of Mademoiselle Colette Aboucaya, Paris, 1930-1936 £1,500,000 – 2,000,000 £3,289,500


*previous record price: €3,089,000 set in 2009
34 Katsu Hamanaka, Daybed, from the residence of Mademoiselle Colette Aboucaya, Paris, circa 1935 £200,000 – 300,000 £403,200


*previous record price: €162,500 set in 2017
63 Ron Arad, Prototype ‘D-Sofa’, 1993 £80,000 – 120,000 £1,232,500


*previous record price: €373,800 set in 2014
77 Junzo Sakakura, Pair of lounge chairs, model no. 5016, designed 1957, produced 1970s £4,000 – 6,000 £25,200


*previous record price: £16,250 set in 2014
169 Vistosi, Side table, 1980s £2,000 – 3,000 £27,720


*previous record price: £12,500 set in 2012

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