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Neal Grundy’s Ethereal Textile Artistry

Neal Grundy’s Ethereal Textile Artistry


Brighton-based award-winning photographer Neal Grundy is renowned for his expertise in still life and freeze-motion photography. Grundy has produced many successful projects and collaborated with top-tier brands like Adidas.

His latest collection, Ethereal Textile Portraits, displays Grundy’s hallmark technique of freeze-frame photography. Through this method, he eloquently captures textiles in motion, giving them a sense of life within a static image.

Below is a selection of images from the collection.

An image displaying the freeze-frame movement of a blue fabric, showcasing its dynamic contours and textures.
The fascinating visual dance of a purple fabric captured in stillness, emphasizing its elegant folds and curves.
Vibrant imagery capturing the flow of a green textile in mid-air, its ripples akin to gentle waves.
A gentle cascade of red fabric in flight, framed in a moment of tranquility.
Dynamic interplay of shadow and light on a suspended orange textile, a testament to the interplay of form and color.



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