Home Literature 2023’s Engrossing Must-Read Novels We’re Eagerly Awaiting

2023’s Engrossing Must-Read Novels We’re Eagerly Awaiting

2023’s Engrossing Must-Read Novels We’re Eagerly Awaiting

As this year comes to a close, it’s inevitable to gaze into the future, anticipating what gems the literary world will offer. The just-concluded year has presented us with plenty of treasures, yet the novel lineup awaiting us promises to bedazzle and stir the minds of avid readers. Envision stories sparked by a tiny black hole, eco-conscious fiction, and tales threaded with desire and fixation – here’s a curated roundup of 20 forthcoming titles worth clearing your shelf for.

Josh Riedel, Please Report Your Bug Here (January 17, Henry Holt & Co)

In a debut that melds suspense with a journey of self-discovery, Josh Riedel introduces us to Ethan Block, buried in debt and fully immersed in Silicon Valley’s tech scene through his startup, DateDate. A twist of fate sends Ethan on a temporal rollercoaster, and he’s returned right where he started – the pulsating core of DateDate. Spawned from the imagination of an Instagram veteran, Riedel delivers a modern spin on the thriller genre mixed with a classic rite-of-passage narrative.

Each novel on the horizon offers an entrance into captivating worlds, ranging from the high-stakes ring of a prison’s gladiator contest to the sun-drenched streets of historical Venice rife with musical enchantment. These 2023 picks dive into the complex fabric of human emotions, futuristic concerns, and quests for identity. As writers unspool these fresh tales, they weave stories that linger and question, entertain, and probe. One thing is certain, the year ahead is brimming with narratives that promise to strike deep and resonate long after the last page is turned.


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