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The Style Uprising: Understanding It and Your Role

The Style Uprising: Understanding It and Your Role

Fashion Revolution is a UK-based charitable organization committed to advocating for ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion industry.

The inception of this organization was spurred by a catastrophic event, the Rana Plaza collapse, which occurred on April 24, 2013, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It took over 1,130 lives and injured more than 2,500 individuals when several garment factories crumbled.

Fashion Revolution extends opportunities and resources to advocate for meaningful transformation. It brings together individuals committed to reshaping the operations of the fashion industry to avoid repeated tragedies.

Their Mission

The mission of Fashion Revolution involves advocating for changes across the culture and policies of the fashion sector. It strives to bridge the gap among fashion professionals, including designers, seamstresses, brand employees, consumers, and waste handlers.

Raising awareness in 100 nations worldwide, the organization confronts the harsh realities of unsafe work conditions, exploitation, and environmentally damaging production methods prevalent in fashion.

An estimated 3.4 billion people engage in the global fashion market, with approximately 430 million in textile production. Fashion Revolution gives these mostly silent groups a powerful voice, holding companies to account for their impact.

The organization troubleshoots industry opacity through their annual Fashion Transparency Index, which scrutinizes the accuracy of disclosures from 250 leading fashion brands concerning their supply chains and practices. This drives brand accountability and combats greenwashing.

The Summit of Style Reformation: Fashion Revolution Week

Commemorating the Rana Plaza disaster, Fashion Revolution organizes a dedicated week since 2014 called Fashion Revolution Week. Through digital campaigns and gatherings, they draw attention to the dark aspects of the fashion sector.

In light of pandemic safety guidelines, the year 2021 saw the event pivot to virtual formats, featuring 60 designers from 20 countries showcasing their studios through Fashion Open Studio.

The Fashion Open Studio spotlights designers championing transparency and sustainability and facilitates direct dialogue between creators and consumers.

In this special week, participants are encouraged to confront brands with pressing inquiries about the origins of their clothing and the substance within their garments, utilizing hashtags like #whomademyfabric, #whomademyclothes, and #whatsinmyclothes.

A personal account of varied 2021 virtual events included engaging sessions such as a recycling-focused studio tour, dialogues with innovators like Germanier, and craft workshops by artists such as Clara Chu. These diverse events left an inspirational impression on the future course of the fashion industry.

Engage with the Movement

Contributing to Fashion Revolution goes beyond their signature week and can involve:


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