Home Fashion Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Russia Champions Eco-friendly Practices

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Russia Champions Eco-friendly Practices

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Russia Champions Eco-friendly Practices

The topic of eco-conscious fashion has taken center stage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. This season, the event has transformed into a hub for eco-friendly practices, inviting attendees to contribute their unneeded apparel. In a significant stride towards sustainability, these garments will be creatively repurposed by avant-garde designers for their new lines, showcasing during the prestigious fashion week.

This eco-driven endeavor isn’t just a one-time affair; it’s a perennial commitment. Spearheaded by the Russian Fashion Council, EcoLine Group, and the Vtoroe Dykhanie Fund, the drive to collect unwanted attire will continue with each fashion season. The collected pieces will be bestowed upon innovative Russian fashion houses, who in turn will integrate them into their runway reveals.

Joining this environmental movement is effortlessly simple. Individuals are encouraged to visit the Museum of Moscow from 14:00 to 21:00, where they can deposit their clothes at a designated drop-off zone located in the museum’s outdoor space. No special invites are required, making this initiative accessible to all. Those who contribute to this cause might secure exclusive invites to eco-themed showcases under the #MBFWRussia banner for the current or upcoming season. Additionally, particularly enthusiastic contributors can earn recycled-material tote bags and reconstructed designer shirts from the Fashion Week itself. Garments not selected for the runway will find a new home through the Vtoroe Dykhanie charity.


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