Home Film & TV Five Spine-Chilling Screen Gems Unveiled at Fantasia 2022

Five Spine-Chilling Screen Gems Unveiled at Fantasia 2022

Five Spine-Chilling Screen Gems Unveiled at Fantasia 2022

As the Fantasia International Film Festival wraps up in Montreal after a thrilling three-week cinematic extravaganza, we reflect on the new horror, science fiction, and cult movies that have thrilled audiences. Highlighted screenings included works such as The Harbinger, Shin Ultraman, and Cult Hero since the festival’s launch on July 14th.

As the festival concludes, let’s delve into five more films that captivated audiences and will soon be available for festival goers or on streaming services.

Deadstream (2022) is a delightful surprise for fans of found-footage horror flicks, directed by Joseph and Vanessa Winter. Joseph Winter stars as Shawn, a controversial YouTuber trying to revive his career by broadcasting live from a haunted house. Successfully walking the line between horror and humor, this film also provides poignant commentary on the extremes that internet personalities will reach for fame and viewership. A mixture of classic scares and satire, it’s an audience favorite for those who revel in the midnight movie experience and have yet to lose hope in the found-footage genre.

Deadstream will be showing at FrightFest on August 27th.

Glorious (2022), directed by Rebekah McKendry, introduces us to Wes (Ryan Kwanten), who, after a particularly rough night, finds himself entangled in a bizarre conversation with an otherworldly being in a rest stop bathroom, voiced by none other than J.K. Simmons. This quirky horror-comedy twists the fabric of cosmic horror, crafting an intimate story about one man’s inner struggles, all while maintaining its comedic edge.

Glorious will arrive on Shudder on August 18th.

Hypochondriac (2022) stands proudly amongst contemporary horror stories focusing on personal trauma, differentiating itself with a genuine and chilling portrayal of mental illness. Directed by Addison Heimann, the film follows Will (Zach Villa), who is haunted by events from his past and begins to suffer symptoms that puzzle his doctors. The movie pulls from classics like Donnie Darko and balances its deep dark themes with a rare sense of optimism.

Hypochondriac will be screened at FrightFest on August 27th.

The Danish thriller Speak No Evil (2022), directed by Christian Tafdrup, has garnered attention for its nerve-wracking plot. The film follows a Danish couple who, after a chance holiday encounter, get invited by another couple to the Netherlands. What starts as a simple weekend getaway devolves into a distressing ordeal, marking the movie’s descent from a casual social comedy into a chilling, unforgettable horror story.

Speak No Evil is set to release on Shudder on September 15th.

Rounding out the selection is Swallowed (2022) by Carter Smith. The story focuses on Ben (Cooper Koch), who is poised to leave his small town for Hollywood to start a career in the adult industry. However, a desperate ploy for quick cash leads Ben into a nightmarish scenario that veers into body-horror territory. The story excels in its opening act, gradually enveloping the viewers in a sense of impending dread.

Swallowed will be featured at FrightFest on August 28th.


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