Home Music Overmono Unveils Exciting New Track ‘Blow Out’

Overmono Unveils Exciting New Track ‘Blow Out’

Overmono Unveils Exciting New Track ‘Blow Out’

Electronica innovators Overmono, composed of siblings Tom and Ed Russell, have unveiled their latest track titled ‘Blow Out’. This fresh release is hot on the heels of their first full-length album Good Lies, which made its debut in May. Give it a listen below.

In a reveal, Overmono mentioned, “’Blow Out’ is what came out of our first studio session post-album completion. We wanted to shake off the meticulousness from working on the album and create something that had a raw, raucous energy. We were aiming for a bass that felt like it was emanating from a speaker that couldn’t quite handle it. This track had its live debut just before our appearance at Coachella, and it couldn’t have been a better testing ground. Ever since, it has become a highlight of our performances, and the memory of playing it at a packed GALA festival, close on the heels of our album launch, is etched in our minds.”


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