Home Music New Tune ‘Harbour (Song for Elizabeth)’ Unveiled by Beverly Glenn-Copeland

New Tune ‘Harbour (Song for Elizabeth)’ Unveiled by Beverly Glenn-Copeland

New Tune ‘Harbour (Song for Elizabeth)’ Unveiled by Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Beverly Glenn-Copeland introduces listeners to his latest musical creation, ‘Harbour (Song for Elizabeth)’, a soul-stirring track from his eagerly anticipated album in nearly two decades, The Ones Ahead. This release comes on the heels of the earlier track ‘Africa Calling’ and showcases the vocal talent of Jeremy Costello from Glenn’s ensemble Indigo Rising. Explore the melody below and witness a freshly captured live performance video conducted at Lakewind Sound Studios in Nova Scotia, under the skilled direction of Posy Dixon.

“Each year on Elizabeth’s birthday, I compose a song for her,” shared Glenn-Copeland. “We would’ve lost this particular piece to time if she hadn’t saved it, as it had slipped from my memory. Elizabeth has been my confidante since 1992. Our story took a romantic turn in 2007, during a friend’s wedding (there’s a remarkable tale about a dream she had before this event that fortold our future, but I’ll leave it to her to share one day). We tied the knot in 2009, and she’s been my steadfast partner in all respects, both personal and professional, ever since.”

“Inclusion of this song in the album is a tribute to her unfaltering love and dedication, which were the bedrock of our early years together,” he added. “Moreover, I must express gratitude for her relentless support through an intensely trying period that demanded she set aside her own artistic pursuits to provide care. In my eyes, a harbour is synonymous with refuge amidst life’s tempestuous seas. Elizabeth has embodied this sanctuary for me time and again. Her belief in my art sustained me when the wider world appeared indifferent. She is my soulmate, a gift bestowed by the cosmos, and for that, I am eternally thankful.”

The Ones Ahead is set for a release on July 28 via Transgressive.


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