Home Music Molly Burch Debuts Heartfelt Tribute Single ‘Tattoo’

Molly Burch Debuts Heartfelt Tribute Single ‘Tattoo’

Molly Burch Debuts Heartfelt Tribute Single ‘Tattoo’

Molly Burch gifts us with ‘Tattoo’, a deeply personal track from her forthcoming record Daydreamer. The song serves as an homage to her beloved friend, Lena, who has passed away, and incorporates the melodious strings of Hannah Kim’s (Luna Li) harp and supportive vocals. The accompanying music video is now available for viewing below.

“This song is created in remembrance of my beloved friend Lena who left us when we were just 19,” Burch shares poignantly. “Words fall short to capture her essence. She was extraordinarily unique. Always the one to push boundaries for a good laugh, she even went as far as tattooing the name of a teacher on her behind during a high school prank. But that’s not the ‘Tattoo’ I’m alluding to in this song. Before her departure, she chose an emblem representing ‘no fear’ for her chest, close to her heart. Following her passing, I had the same symbol inked on me in the exact location – a constant reminder of her spirit, challenging me to live bravely. This track is for her, highlighting my journey with music, which she was a fundamental part of. I aspire for the song to do right by her memory.”

Burch elaborates on the video’s creation, led in collaboration with Lena’s sister Mia. “We held a deep bond, and crafting this video, we aimed to encapsulate Lena’s spirit. We featured clips of her and intertwined them with open-license nature shots that echo our memories of her. The lyrics ‘I wanna tell you it’s okay, even though it’s crazy, you wouldn’t believe it, I think you would hate it’ reflect the world that has continued to evolve in her absence. So much has transpired: the explosion of social media, devastating climate events – Lena’s sensitive soul may have struggled with today’s reality. To convey this, the video includes scenes depicting natural calamities and environmental degradation. My wish is for this song to resonate with those grappling with loss, to serve as a solace. This is shared with utmost affection.”

Slated for release on September 29 through Captured Tracks, Daydreamer features earlier releases like ‘Unconditional’ and ‘Physical’.


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