Home Music Heka Debuts Enthralling Track ‘Monkey’

Heka Debuts Enthralling Track ‘Monkey’

Heka Debuts Enthralling Track ‘Monkey’

Heka has graced the music scene with an electrifying new track titled ‘Monkey’. This latest release is a prelude to her forthcoming EP named Swan Songs, which is scheduled for release on October 6. The EP features previously released tracks including ‘April (Away)’ and ‘I’m the Thorn’. An imaginative music video, a collaboration with visual artist Tobias Bradford, accompanies the single. Take a moment to experience it below.

Heka uses the cultural reference of the proverbial ‘three monkeys’—see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil—to convey the complexities of a toxic relationship in ‘Monkey.’ The song seamlessly connects with ‘I’m the Thorn,’ delineating a storyline imbued with themes of dependency and inner turmoil. Heka elaborates, “Being so closely connected to someone that they become a part of you, yet recognizing they’re the source of your pain is a paradoxical state.” This melancholic realization is captured poignantly in the lyric: “You are the part of me that don’t feel good; you, you are a part of me but I don’t feel good.”

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