Home Music Angie McMahon Debuts with New Release ‘Saturn Returning’

Angie McMahon Debuts with New Release ‘Saturn Returning’

Angie McMahon Debuts with New Release ‘Saturn Returning’

Angie McMahon unveils ‘Saturn Returning’, marking her return to the music scene with fresh material after a three-year hiatus. The song’s visual companion piece is a collaborative directorial effort between McMahon and Bridgette Winten, which you can view below.

The new single ‘Saturn Returning’ is a collaborative effort in production by Brad Cook and includes Matt McCaughan on percussion, with Phil Cook on the organ, and bass lines by Leif Vollebekk. McMahon expressed her thoughts about the song, saying:

The period known as your Saturn Return serves as an educator. This tune reflects an internal dialogue during a critical juncture filled with significant changes, where nurturing hope and compassion have countered the challenges to my mental well-being. The most profound insight for me during this life phase has been the importance of maintaining a kind and loving self-relationship at all times. During a walk, as I listened to it, tears flowed as I felt embraced by a choir of uplifting voices supporting me. It struck me that I was creating the melody that I yearned to hear.

Commenting on the music video, she remarked: “Bridgette showcased scenes of serenity and longing with a devout tribute to the enchantment this song sought, as well as the splendor and might of nature, which serves as a steadfast sanctuary.”

McMahon’s inaugural album, Salt, was released in 2019.


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